Auditorium Performances

2015-16 Auditorium Performances

*Kalunga  -  (5-6 performers)
Fusing music and dance from African-American, Afro-Peruvian, Afro-Cuban and Afro Haitian this ensemble celebrates the traditions of the African Diaspora, and the human sprit, with exciting original rhythms, singing and chant.

*Music of the Silk-Road (The Ancient Internet)
- 3 performers

This performance focuses on music of the "Silk Road", an important period in ancient history, where ideas and goods were traded on land-routes from China to Europe. A relevant slide-show will accompany the playing of live musical instruments from the different regions.  By playing rhythms and melodies from the different regions, students will be able to see/hear the instruments.  The performance also involves 'hands-on' activities like call/response, where the students will be introduced to specific rhythmic patterns and melodies, and asked to imitate them.

* Planet Drum (World-Percussion) - 3 performers
Featuring drums from all over the world.  A vast array of percussion instruments will be brought in and played. Basic traditional rhythms and techniques used to play them will be shown. In addition to playing the percussion instruments themselves, students will be engaged in group musical activities such as call-response, counting bars, sub-dividing beats, and following a simple 'conduction' to create a musical piece on the spot!

* Red Brick Classical Ensemble: 4-10 performers
A wonderful group of multi-ethnic musicians performing European Classical music (18th, 19th, and 20th centuries). The ensemble size can range from 4 performers (String Quartet) to larger chamber ensembles depending on budget, and what kinds of compositions the school is interested in presenting. .  If desired, this performance can be focused on a particular composer, country, or period.

* Jazz Ensembles: 3+ performers
we have a variety of jazz groups ranging from trios to big bands, playing in a wide array of genres and different eras including Latin Jazz, mainstream, Blues, experimental/avante-garde, 1920s-contemporary styles.

* RumbaTap – 5-8 performers
An original concept, Rhumbatap is a melding of Afro-Cuban music and dance, American jazz, body percussion, and tap dance. The music/dance ensemble created and named after the unique body percussion/tap concept, RumbaTap lets the music play them -- hips, shoulders, arms etching pictures in sound and space -- the ancient thrill of releasing the beat of your soul by playing "the groove" on the oldest instrument known to man - the body. Consisting of marimba, saxophone , vocalists and an explosive percussion section led by body-drumming tap dancers, the multi-talented international cast of musicians and dancers evokes a powerful "Orquesta" capturing the deep grooves and charged electricity of Afro-Latin Soul. RumbaTap has toured throughout Europe, Japan, Cuba, and the United States.

* Grupo Ara Oko - 5 performers
Groupo Ara Oko performs the dance and drumming traditions of Cuba, focusing on the Lukumi bata, shekere drums and Congolese Palo traditions. Grupo Ara Oko presents an electrifying and informative show that aims to demonstrate the depth of Afro-Cuban culture and the joy of its music and dance. The name Ara Oko literally means “Farm Land” in Yoruba, which is the language spoken in modern day Nigeria as well as in Afro-Cuban religious temples. Without the Ara Oko, life would be impossible and much of the Afro-Cuban Folklore would not exist.

* Chino Bolaños & Kambalache Negro - 6 performers
Peru's native culture blends African, Amer-Indian and Spanish elements. This Afro-Pervian group founded by percussionist Roberto "Chino" Bolaños performs exciting percussion based music will keep the audience engaged.

* Cultures in Motion-Folk Dance Theater  4 performers
Both educational and entertaining, this performance by one of the premier professional international folk companies in the NY area, brings to life a cornucopia of international dances with un-paralleled diversity and expertise, and includes information about the countries from which the dances come. From the Gypsy Dances of Eastern Europe, to the tribal beat of Africa, we will traverse the globe in a 45-minute program with the unique opportunity to experience the learning and celebration.


* The Natural Voice: John Steinbeck  3 performers
A vibrant exciting exploration of major characters of the prolific American writer John Steinbeck. Using only the exact text of Mr Steinbeck, students   experience the life of such literary masterpieces as'The Red Pony', 'The Grapes of Wrath', 'Of Mice and Men', and 'The Pearl'. The actors transform from one character to another in a fast paced seamless presentation, bringing the black and white magic to a living truth.


"Thanks you for making this possible. It was the best performance we’ve had at our school-ever!"
-PS M079
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